The Datoru Tardis
Simply all things Drew Mapleton and Satoru Kogo, because they sbould get the attention they deserve. Both characters belong to the wonderful CP Coulter! If you have anything to submit (stories, gifs, quotes, questions etc) go right ahead the Tardis would be happy to read everything you have to offer.

Datoru Tardis.

Okay, ladies and gents. 

I am semi proud  to present to you Datoru Tardis. :) A blog competely devoted to all things Datoru (Drew Mapleton/Satoru Kogo) from Dalton by CP Coulter. They’re a a ship That is way too unnoticed and deserves a LOT more attention than they already have. So climb aboard the Tardis and bitches lets let the nerdy, geeky fantastic duo take over. 

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